GameFi Project Metalevel Launches MLVL Token Sale

Ottawa, Canada, April 7th, 2023, Chainwire

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GameFi project Metalevel has commenced the presale for its native token. Holders of the MLVL token will be able to utilize it in a variety of ways throughout the Metalevel ecosystem.

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Metalevel is an online hangout for the Web3 community to meet, play, and discover the best games among like-minded peers. In addition, Metalevel plans to extend its platform from an enthusiast hub into a GameFi development resource, creating novel opportunities for developers and gamers alike.

By focusing on the interests of its community, Metalevel intends to involve gamers with the industry they love, putting game development back into the hands of the community. The team behind Metalevel is creating a space where players can be rewarded for enhancing the platform, whether through interactions with game developers, or simply staking their MLVL tokens to support future developments.

Metalevel aims to incorporate core functions such as Chat, Play, Learn, Work, and Grants, while allowing the project’s future to be determined by the community through a DAO framework. Ultimately, this means that more players will have access to incredible opportunities, all within one platform.

In 2024, Metalevel is planning to launch its Work area formally. This will see game developers posting jobs for the Metalevel community that range from testing games for a few hours to a full-time salaried role working with some of the cutting-edge companies at the forefront of Web3.

Right now, finding these opportunities relies heavily on knowing the right people or the best places to look. Metalevel aims to allow everyone equal access, focusing on talent, not nepotism.

Also on the Metalevel roadmap is the creation of Metagrants. Metagrants are a unique opportunity for the gaming community to fund their favorite projects through voting systems. Developers post ideas and players can vote on their favorites. The winning developers receive grants to help them create a project that has inherent community support.

Players may also participate later in testing, as well as giving feedback through early access. Eventually, Metalevel plans to have a virtual arcade filled with titles created and endorsed by the Metalevel community.

One of Metalevel’s primary goals is to expand the information Play2Earn players have concerning the latest titles. Metalevel plans to make this data accessible by featuring a review system, leaderboards, and content bases where users can share the latest tips for making the most out of their games and get paid for it. Posting a review, for example, will see its writer rewarded with Metalevel’s MLVL token.

The Metalevel pre-sale is now live and can be accessed here.

About Metalevel

The Metalevel is the ultimate Web3 community hub where gamers and blockchain fanatics can communicate and collaborate.

Our Metalevel’s vision is to create a fun and dynamic virtual hangout for like-minded people to enjoy all things GameFi and experience everything that Web3 culture has to offer.

$MLVL token holders will be able to vote on which developer-submitted games will receive funding via the Metagrants scheme.

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