How Bryan Legend Masterminded CLVA To Disrupt The Cryptocurrency Industry

How Bryan Legend Masterminded CLVA To Disrupt The Cryptocurrency Industry

Bryan Legend’s FinTech company, Clever DeFi, is expected to transform the cryptocurrency industry with the introduction of the first ever decentralized finance cryptocurrency coined Clever Token (CLVA). 

The cryptocurrency industry has earned itself a rather scandalous reputation as founders and creators of cryptocurrency schemes display a recurring habit of scamming their investors. Apart from Bitcoin, most other digital cryptocurrency schemes make creators wealthy at the expense of investors. Creators of such cryptocurrency schemes either promise investors high interest yields but instead dump the digital currency and make off with the profits of their investors, or they sell a company’s holding supply to unsuspecting buyers at elevated prices, otherwise known as ‘dumping the market’. This truly devastated the reputation of the crypto industry and investor confidence within the industry.  

Bryan Legend presents the crypto industry with a solution: Clever Token

Bryan Legend’s FinTech company, Clever DeFi, which focuses on delivering decentralized finance applications within the cryptocurrency industry, aims to provide an alternative way for people to store wealth by way of minting their own Clever Tokens (CLVA). This will no doubt put a halt to this recurring pattern of cryptocurrency scams devised by creators or founders causing investors to lose large sums of money. 

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With eight years experience in the crypto industry, Bryan Legend is currently one of the most notable figures in the industry. He’s years of experience has given him the expertise and insight to launch Clever DeFi and focus on decentralized finance, which surprisingly, has never been done. 

Clever DeFi differs from other cryptocurrency schemes

Clever DeFi is the first ever cryptocurrency to employ a 100% Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol, something that distinguishes it from existing cryptocurrency schemes and digital currencies. Clever DeFi utilizes an intelligent design using Blockchain technology that enables interest payments to CLVA token holders every 14-days, with a total span of 34.15 years. 

The fortnightly interest yield is guaranteed by permanently coding the architectural structure of the CLVA token into Clever DeFi’s protocol, thus taking away the creator’s authority to alter it at a later date. All 14-day cycles cannot in any way be disrupted which positively ensures interest payments to CLVA token holders every 14 days. 

How do CLVA token holders benefit? 

At Clever DeFi, CLVA token holders interest yield is set in stone to be 307% in its first year, and 445% and 501% in its second and third year respectively, indicating stable and reliable interest rate growth. Compared to traditional banking institutions, Clever DeFi’s CLVA offers significantly higher returns on investment in the short and long run. 

Clever DeFi’s decentralized finance protocol has undergone rigorous testing and audit for the sake of guaranteeing interest to investors. The results of those tests are proof of the stability of their decentralized finance protocol and also indicate that CLVA will be able to deliver to investors as promised. 

What’s more, unlike existing cryptocurrency schemes, CLVA token holders can make purchases, sell or spend their tokens as they wish because they have full right of ownership over their digital currency. CLVA token holders are also not favored or discriminated against, and CLVA has no formal contract, penalties or lock-in periods that binds and limits token holders from doing as they wish with their tokens.

Clever DeFi’s unique approach creates the opportunity for people to invest in a cryptocurrency that carries minimal risk but offers huge upside potential, especially considering the freedom afforded to CLVA token holders and their expected interest-yield predictions. Presently CLVA is one of the safest cryptocurrencies available in the industry. 

The landscape of the cryptocurrency industry is changing

Before launching Clever DeFi, Bryan Legend founded several successful companies including a multi-million dollar digital advertising agency. His wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, along with his rich sales background has gained him a remarkable reputation, and with the launch of Clever DeFi, that reputation is only getting stronger. 

According to the Bryan Legend himself: “Clever DeFi is offering a safe, high interest yielding decentralized finance cryptocurrency, which evidently is expecting to drastically disrupt the crypto industry by transforming its current investment atmosphere and hopefully restoring the reputation of the industry all at once”. 

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