Jack Osbourne Talks Haunted Houses And ‘The Osbournes: Night Of Terror’ At The Heritage Square Museum

In The Osbournes: Night of Terror, a new special airing October 30th at 9:00 pm on the Travel Channel, the entire Osbourne family gets together for a ghost hunt of the Heritage Square Museum. Just as fun as it is frightening, this landmark, which is believed to be the most haunted hotspot in Los Angeles has never been investigated for television before. 

Fortunately, Jack is quite an experienced paranormal investigator. After all, he also stars on and produces Travel’s Portals To Hell, which also debuts a new special episode on the same night. However, it is his sister Kelly’s first foray into the paranormal and she is just as scared as she is willing. Sharon and Ozzy stay back home and monitor the action from a distance. The result is a combination of classic Osbourne antics along with an interesting lesson about the historical homes of Los Angeles.

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Located in the Montecito Heights neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles, the Heritage Square Museum is devoted to exploring the settlement and development of Southern California during the first hundred years of statehood. This living history museum is home to several Victorian-era structures in all of their grandeur including the Hale House, Valley Knudson House, Mount Pleasant House, Palms Depot, Longfellow-Hastings Octagon House, John J. Ford House, Lincoln Avenue Methodist Church, Carriage Barn, Perry Mansion and Colonial Drug. 

While the grounds of the museum are beautiful, the Osbournes soon learn there’s a sad and sinister history of the people who once inhabited these homes. While Sharon and Ozzy remain equally concerned and skeptical— Kelly along with her loyal dog Polly, finds herself in for the fright of her life. But, it’s business as usual for Jack, who was more than happy to talk about his near-decade of investigating haunted properties with me. 

How did you become a paranormal investigator?  

When I was a kid, I was a huge X-Files fan. And so I grew up obsessing over that show. It was my thing. My friends and I would [go on ghost hunts] And then I had the opportunity back in 2011, to do a ghost hunting show and I just kind of fell into this world. The paranormal community is very tight-knit. It gets kind of serious at times as far as opinions and people involved. It’s very cliquey, almost like a fraternity. And just one thing led to the next. It’s a nice community and I love being a part of it. It’s a lot of fun. 

You’re an experienced investigator, but at this point, do you ever enter a space such as a friend’s home, restaurant, or hotel, and feel as if it is haunted?

Yes, and no. I’m not a medium by any sense of the word. But, I often will get intrigued by a place if someone [tells me it’s] supposedly haunted. But I’m pretty much a caveman. I’m not the most “feeling the feelings” guy when it comes to picking up on stuff. It doesn’t happen. But, when I get freaked out, there are some vibes there for sure.

What are some red flags that a home could be haunted?

It’s just that feeling of being watched. You just get this weird feeling. I guess the best way to compare it, I don’t know if you have brothers or sisters, but if they were to jump out of a closet and scare you—this feels a little off like there’s something going on here.

What do you think people should do if they suspect that their house might be haunted? Is it possible to force a spirit or energy to leave?

I was having a discussion with a psychic about this and she was kind of a centrist. She said, “I just don’t think it works like that. I don’t think you can force an energy to leave a space.” 

There aren’t a lot of really hard-hitting scientific studies ever done on it. And when it does get done, it’s still considered fringe. I think there are ways to lift the energy with crystals, or sage, or Palo Santo. I think a lot of it comes down to your intention behind doing a certain ritual or ceremony.

After filming this show, do you think your family wants to do another investigation with you?

Kelly definitely got into it towards the end. She got really fired up. I told her this is a one in a million type of investigation. I probably went on 20 or 30 investigations before I had anything close to what happened that night. And I’m not just saying that, I’ve had more mellow experiences in nineteenth-century insane asylums. 


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