PM ‘sailing close to wind’ with promise to obey Brexit delay bill, court hears


Scottish judges have continued a court action into whether or not Prime Minister Boris Johnson has fully obeyed the law demanding he delay Brexit.

Remain campaigners argued at the Court of Session in Edinburgh on Monday that, although he had undertaken not to frustrate the purpose of the so-called Benn Act, Mr Johnson was “sailing close to the wind”.

Judges will reconvene at a date to be confirmed.

What do Johnson’s three letters to EU say? And what do they mean?

Elaine Motion, solicitor at Balfour+Manson, which is representing campaigners who brought the challenge, said: “From our perspective it was a great success again for us.

“Because the court have kept hold of this case, they’ve kept it live to make sure that the prime minister continues to comply with the Benn Act and all of the obligations under it.”

The prime minister sent a letter to the EU asking for an extension to Article 50 on Saturday, as required by the Benn Act.

This legislation was passed by MPs to try and avoid a no-deal Brexit at the end of this month.

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