Three Things You Can Do To Stand Out From Other Real Estate Agents

Dave Panozzo is the founding owner of The Panozzo Team-HomeSmart, a real estate team in Phoenix, Arizona.

In this day and age, it’s becoming harder to stand out in the crowd. Real estate agents today have to think with innovation and integrate technology into their everyday routines. In my experience as a real estate agent and leader of an agent team, I’ve found a few tips that can help build these routines. If you are looking to stand out in a crowd as an agent in 2020, follow the tips below and keep yourself accountable by taking action steps today. 

Maximize The Client Experience

Start with client experience. What differentiates you from other real estate agents? How can you vary from the status quo and use your unique talents, interests or personality to stand out? Real estate is a people’s business, meaning that you will be connecting and working in collaboration with your client to land the perfect deal for them.

One way to maximize your client’s experience is to gather those involved in the real estate transaction — the inspection company, lender, title company and more — to put together a gift for each client that can leave a lasting impression. Another recommendation is to walk through your systems as if you were a client and find ways to be more efficient, personable and memorable.

The better experience you deliver, the more client referrals you will receive. Make your mark in your clients’ hearts by going the extra mile — how can you consistently deliver more the right way? Let’s dive deeper into how you can do it. 

Be Realistic In Your Promises And Overdeliver When Executing

Have you ever worked with someone who promised the world but only delivered a small patch of land? If you’re following my first bit of advice, you may be tempted to use the initial onboarding process with a client to tell them all about the experience they’ll have and the exquisite service they will receive.

Even if your systems are perfected with excellence and client experience in mind, avoid falling into the trap of overpromising. Instead, be realistic about what you are going to accomplish, and share that with your client. It is better to hold off on telling your clients grand promises and overdeliver, surprising your client every time, rather than share all the juicy surprises — or even worse, promise something you can’t guarantee.

Put simply, tell your clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. At the end of your client’s experience, they may end up feeling more like friends and become loyal followers to stay connected with on social media.

Leverage Social Media To Build Your Influence

If you are a real estate agent reading this today and you do not have an established social media feed on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, the first thing you should do after reading this article is to get yourself set up. If you use social media the right way, you can build your influence in your community and create a reputation for yourself as the real estate agent in town.

When positioning yourself on social media, you have to think of your target audience, how you can integrate business with your personality and consistency. When other agents on my team ask for advice on what they should post on social media, I like to tell them to make content that gets people to think and learn.

As an active social media user myself, I always like to think that I am creating content for my dream clients. Sit down in front of the camera, and act as if you are speaking to a person. That way, your personality and true character can really shine, and you will stand out in the crowd. 

After implementing these strategies, you can redefine what it means for you to be a real estate agent and create the real estate team of your dreams. Stand out from the crowd by maximizing the client experience. Be realistic about your promises to overdeliver when executing, and leverage social media to build your influence. Work on being great, and remember that these things don’t happen overnight, but if you strive for excellence every day, you will work your way up in time. 

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