Covid Relief Bill: Catalyst For Enthusiastic Boom

In addition to the $600 per person payment, the Covid-19 relief bill provides unemployment benefits through the first eleven weeks of 2021. That’s perfect timing because the economy’s dark days of winter are only eight weeks away from evolving into the sunny springtime. Besides improving weather, that is the time that economic growth and employment begin their traditional new year reemergence.

Count the weeks and get enthusiastic

Week eight of each year (we are now in week #1) is when the unemployment trend begins its normal, seasonal improvement. In 2021, that traditional improvement could be larger for three reasons:

  • First, the temporary (vs. permanent) unemployment pool is much larger than normal
  • Second, the newly vaccinated will combine with the previously infected (now immune) to dampen infection risk and allow reigniting business activity
  • Third, the traditional summertime hiring boom comes especially from the currently weak industries (like airlines, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues)

Important: Do NOT expect “new” life trends to persist

Remember when the Great Recession supposedly made savers of us all, with debt viewed as the path to misery? Like any “enlightened” vision borne from adversity, it faded away when normality returned.

Therefore, dismiss feelings that a cold, modernistic age of non-personal interaction and technology-driven actions is upon us. The pandemic adjustments were not a jump to the future. They were a necessary alternative when personal interaction became too risky.

Think of it this way: Normality prior to Covid-19 was clearly understood, desirable and productive. Why should that be tossed away because a pandemic came along? Covid-19 is a temporary occurrence. So, too, are the adjustments to everyday life it caused.


“Pursuit of happiness” will replace “shelter from storm”

Expect a return to the things we know and love by summertime:

  • Commuting to a physical work environment again, with in-person meetings, collaborations, projects, discussions, reviews, lunches, coffee breaks and the uplifting personal feeling of being in a productive environment with others we know
  • Traveling wherever and whenever by plane, train, ship, rental car…
  • Staying in hotels, B&Bs, resorts, campgrounds…
  • Dining in at restaurants (ditto for drinking at bars and taverns)
  • Going to entertainment venues – plays, movies, casinos, zoos, aquariums, museums, game arcades, amusement parks…
  • Going shopping in malls, street markets/fairs, downtown stores, local boutiques, auctions, garage/yard sales…
  • Weekend sports activities and spectator games with fans in attendance
  • Gatherings! Religious, social, educational, family…

And add to that all the special programs that were cancelled or diminished in 2020 because of Covid-19:

  • Special events at home, school, work, church…
  • Community events and ceremonies
  • State and national holiday celebrations
  • Major sporting events
  • Special cultural events

To do today: Soothe the worried mind

It’s time to return to pre-coronavirus happy thoughts and fulfilling desires.

Remembering yesterday today is the best way to envision tomorrow

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