Stocks This Week: Buy Marriott And United Health

The S&P sold off last week as expected. Daily and weekly S&P cycles have bottomed. The end-of-month (EOM) period of strength runs from October 30th to November 6th. This period has been up 69.2% of the time and has the highest expected return of any month since 1885. There is a bullish bias into the election on November 3rd. In addition, October 27th is the average low in any year since 1885. 

Here are buy recommendations for the short term.

The Marriott daily cycle (all 10 signals have been correct in the last year) bottoms on October 25th and tops on November 5th. Both the weekly and the monthly cycles are rising. Relative strength has not made a new low since April. October (67% up), November (67% up), and December (63% up) have been the strongest months of the year. The stock is likely to move closer to $108-$109 high.

Marriott Daily Cycle

Marriott Daily Graph

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The daily cycle (all ten have been accurate) bottoms on October 25th and tops on November 5th. The weekly cycle is also rising. The period from October through January has been the strongest seasonal period in any year. Relative strength is rising. The share price could rally to $335-$340.

United Health Weekly Cycle

United Health Daily Graph


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