Luxury Italian Eco-Villas Hiding Near Tuscany Now For Sale

This four bed, four bath including guest house asks $6,453,876.Stribling

In honor of summer and those who may be looking for a vacation hideaway in the Umbrian hills, there’s an Italian estate with dozens of 17th century farmhouses in the process of being restored by architect Benedikt Bolza and his team of artisans. Bolza, who has been featured in Architectural Digest and also just happens to be a count, came to the Castello Di Reschio project while he was still an architecture student and his parents bought the estate with all of its fifty buildings and a derelict castle in varying states of disrepair. That was over twenty years ago and twenty-five of the buildings have been turned in to luxurious accommodation while the others wait their turn. Many of the homes are for holiday rentals, but four of them are currently for sale.

All the kitchens have modern day appliances while maintaining a farmhouse feel.Stribling

The estate has been turned in to a holiday destination with an on-site Osteria and Bottega for guest use only, horse stables, fishing, wild boar hunting, boating, hiking, mountain biking, clay pigeon shooting, an art studio, as well as tennis and cooking classes. There’s even the option to go truffle hunting, which actor Gwyneth Paltrow took part in when she holidayed here a few summers ago.

The abundant arches in the villas are true to the architecture of the area.Stribling

Each restored house is true to Umbrian style architecture with plenty of rough-hewn brick, slate floors, and beamed ceilings to complete the rustic feel. There’s even a house with a wine cellar carved in to a wall of rock (because that makes it a few degrees cooler than the surrounding rooms).

The wine ‘cave’ carved into a rock wall.Stribling

In 2016 staff discovered a set of thriving beehives high up in the hills and have made the honey for sale at the Bottega. This is just one piece of the eco-friendly approach for the entire estate to exist sustainably on its thousands of acres.

Outdoor dining comes with every villa.Stribling

Here’s a look at the four properties that are for sale. This one is a five bed, five bath combined from two farmhouses to make one larger home and a third farmhouse provides guest accommodation.

This five bed, five bath asks $5,532,975.Stribling

Another is this four bed, five and half bath house asking $7,076,007 that comes with its own private vineyard with mature vines.

This $7,076,007 house has an infinity pool and lush gardens.Stribling

Or there is this seven bed, eight bath main house plus guest house that all together has room for fourteen people.

A seven bed, eight bath property asking $7,167,582Stribling

This is a four bed, four bath with the wine cellar carved in to the rock wall. With three bedrooms in the main house and a fourth in the guest house it can fit eight people comfortably.

Like many of the homes this one also comes with a heated pool.Stribling

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