5 Movies About Gold You Need Watch

Looking for a mining movie to watch? Check out our list of some of the greatest gold-mining films ever made.

With a history dating back 6,000 years it’s only natural that gold has been the topic of many movies. Whether the protagonist is searching for the elusive yellow metal or trying to come to terms with their new fortune, gold makes for good entertainment.

Appealing to our deep seeded need for adventure tales of golden treasures, mother lodes and cities made of gold have captured our collective attention for almost a century.

Below we have compiled a list of 5 great stories based around exploring the unknown in hopes of discovering golden riches.

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1. Gold Rush

Gold Rush movie poster

Produced in 1925, just 19 years after the first full length movie, “Gold Rush” is a silent film starring screen legend Charlie Chaplin. Our favorite quiet tramp heads to Alaska in search of gold.

However, a blizzard and a fugitive quickly distract the small moustachioed man in this trailblazing comedy. Barely surviving the extreme conditions the adventurous tramp soon finds employment shovelling snow. All hope is not lost though, as our silent star soon falls for a beautiful bartender.

2. Eureka

Eureka movie poster

Released in 1983 “Eureka” is proof that life is often stranger than fiction. Loosely based on the true-crime novel who Killed Sir Harry Oakes,  “Eureka” is the story of Jack McCann (Gene Hackman), an arctic explorer looking to make a big discovery.

After finding his mother lode and becoming the richest man in the world, McCann purchases a Caribbean Island, named Eureka to retire and enjoy his riches. However, like so many fortunes do, McCann’s newfound wealth breeds envy and jealousy among those closest to him eventually leading to his death.

Despite garnering poor reviews from critics “Eureka” is an interesting tale of fortunes gained and lost.

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3. The 33

The 33 movie poster

Another adaptation based on real life events, “The 33” is the harrowing story of 33 Chilean miners trapped underground in a gold-copper mine in 2010. Surviving for 69 days, the movies is a testament to the human spirit, showcasing what happens when we work together for a common cause.

Dominating headlines for weeks in 2010, the plight of the miners brought engineers and rescue teams from around the globe to Chile in hopes of freeing them.

With only enough supplies to last 30 men three days, the miners rationed out their meagre stock while rescue teams worked round the clock to bring them to the surface.

4. Gold

Gold Movie poster

Starring Matthew McConaughey, “Gold” is the too good to be true story of a massive Indonesian gold mine that wasn’t what it appears to be.

Loosely based on the BreX mining scandal, “Gold” follows an ambitious prospector and his less than honest geologist friend’s discovery of a US$30 billion mine. This wild ride takes viewers from the Indonesian jungle to the boardrooms of Wall street. As one man pitches investors and the other brings new definition to fool’s gold.

5. The Money Stone

A documentary film set in Ghana, “The Money Stone” is a poignant story of dire choices. Filmmakers follow two families of artisanal miners living in poverty. Each family must decide whether to send their teenage son into the dangerous “illegal” mines to help provide or send the boys to school gambling on a promising future.

The movie also introduces James Bingo a former child miner and current a field officer for AfriKids. James’ firm is a non-governmental organization looking to end child labor across the continent and promote education.

While each boy must decide what is ultimately best for him and his family the movie is a stark look at the desperation and hope that lies just outside of a gold mine.

Images courtesy of IMDb.

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