Gary Wagner: Watch This Key Shift to Know When Gold Will Take Off

The gold price has dropped off in February, but remains much higher than it was just a few months ago.

Even so, many investors are wondering when the yellow metal will reach a new all-time high. For Gary Wagner, who is executive producer at and a Kitco Media contributor, inflation is the main factor to keep an eye on.

“The key is that the shift will come when market participants focus on inflation not being reduced to the level they thought it was, or at the rate (they thought) it was. And it will be due to some items being sticky — in other words, (the US Federal Reserve doesn’t) have the tools to control it. If that occurs, we will see gold take off,” he told the Investing News Network.

Wagner emphasized that the Fed can’t solve inflation on its own, noting that if the government keeps printing money it will be impossible to rein in. “The most important thing that I believe the Fed is looking at … is whether or not the administration pitches in and actually helps solve the problem, or if they make that a harder problem to solve,” he explained.

He previously predicted that gold would rise to a fresh record in 2023, but now thinks it may happen next year instead.

That said, for Wagner, it’s more important to hold gold than to be concerned about what the price is doing. “Currencies worldwide are on a race to zero,” he said, noting that, in contrast, gold has the same buying power as it did 100 to 200 years ago.

“Don’t worry about the day-to-day, month-to-month fluctuations … don’t give up on accumulating gold, and don’t look at it as a short-term investment, because it’s always the right time to buy gold as long as you realize that 10, 20 years from now gold is going to have far more buying power and value than whatever happens to the dollar,” he said.

Watch the interview above for more from Wagner on gold, silver and the Fed’s plans in 2023.

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