Guess Who Wrote This Analysis : Reddit User Or Morgan Stanley Analyst?

Guess Who Wrote This Analysis : Reddit User Or Morgan Stanley Analyst?
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Listen up you fucktards. Tesla is going to the fucking moon. I have done a deep dive analysis into their financials and forecasted the next 200 years of free cash flows. After this very strong analysis, I can accurately say that the price target of Tesla should be over $60,000. Here is my thesis.

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Tesla Will Go To The Moon

  1. Tesla is a big company and will get bigger.
  2. Cathie Wood is bullish on Tesla and I am bullish on Cathie (she is very hot).
  3. Over the next 60 years Tesla will make a lot of cars and sell them to rich Americans on the West coast.
  4. There will also be flying cars because there are always flying cars in the future. Flying cars = big money.
  5. Apes strong together.
  6. My CFA degree combined with my MBA from Harvard shows that I am very competent. You should seriously trust my analysis as I am smart  (rich parents).

As my thesis clearly shows, Tesla will go to the fucking moon and you should load up on shares. Once you become a stockholder you will need to look at your phone ever two minutes to make sure the stock doesn’t go down, even though this is a multi-year hold.

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Disclaimer: This is a satirical article.

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