Psychedelics Stocks to Watch

A growing list of the available psychedelics stocks to watch out for from the Investing News Network.

The small-cap markets have been invaded with a flurry of psychedelics stocks to watch thanks to new company launches. Investors now have a variety of options for taking a run in the shroom stocks space and for researching psychedelic medicine.

In an effort to expand the capabilities of the medical field, companies are starting to investigate the potential of psychedelic medicines and are looking to raise capital in the public market.

While this industry is still in its early stages, the promising potential of psychedelic medicine drug products has attracted the interest of savvy investors — that’s because these psychedelics stocks offer an emerging investment opportunity.

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A shroom boom is in the works, led by encouraging results from psychedelic medicine treatments for various issues associated with mental health, and in connection to potential global law changes.

Here the Investing News Network presents a current list of psychedelics stocks to watch. The following stocks are all listed on Canadian public stock exchanges and are arranged alphabetically.

In addition to its recent move into the psychedelics arena, Aion Therapeutic operates in the cannabis industry with a licensed production line in Canada.

As far as its psychedelics business goes, the company’s lead, Dr. Stephen D. Barnhill, has said Aion is pursuing novel formulations of various natural compounds, including psilocybin and fungi.

Better Plant Sciences (CSE:PLNT,OTCQB:VEGGF)

This wellness firm has a substantial investment in the psychedelics market thanks to a majority ownership stake in NeonMind Biosciences, previously known as Flourish Mushroom Labs. According to its parent company, NeonMind will carry out clinical trials on the therapeutic effects of psilocybin.

NeonMind plans to eventually launch branded products such as mushroom-infused items designed to “support immune, cognitive, memory and other brain functions.”

Captiva Verde Land (CSE:PWR)

This cannabis and hemp company secured an entry point in the psychedelics space by forming a partnership with a Mexican company capable of distributing pharmaceutical and wellness products, including psychoactive and non-psychoactive drugs.

Champignon Brands (CSE:SHRM,OTCQB:SHRMF)

The public entity Champignon Brands manages an extensive psychedelics business with various divisions in charge of advancing its work through research, trials and product formulations.

The company is pursuing operations in the US, more specifically California, after buying a company that owns a ketamine-infusion treatment. Champignon Brands plans to scale up these operations and expand the number of clinics offering psychedelic treatments to patients.

Codebase Ventures is an investment firm offering investors a diverse portfolio of opportunities, including a direct stake in Red Light Holland, a publicly traded entity involved in the psychedelics market through its subsidiary Titan Shrooms & Psychedelics.

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Compass Pathways (NASDAQ:CMPS)

Focused on psilocybin research, Compass Pathways has quickly become the center of attention for psychedelics industry watchers. And thanks to a monumental public offering debut, it has attracted interested observers outside the psychedelics arena as well.

The company has been investigating the use of psychedelic compounds to treat depression. In 2018, Compass obtained a critical US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) breakthrough therapy designation.

Core One Labs (CSE:COOL)

Core One Labs is looking into the development of psychedelic medicines for a front-facing market.

Thin-film oral strips are one of the potentially novel delivery methods the firm will seek to employ. The company is looking to develop intellectual property related to the psychedelic drug space.

This life science company is pursuing the development of psychedelic drugs through detailed clinical trials meant to test the efficacy of its candidates.

After going public in Canada, Cybin has moved forward with acquisition deals to expand its market presence in the psychedelics space at large.

EGF Theramed Health (CSE:TMED,OTC Pink:EVAHF)

EGF Theramed Health is a medical technology company working on the development of its psychedelics presence. Recently, the company moved forward with a deal to integrate a “seedbank” company holding LSA, an alternative substance to LSD, and other compounds.

Ehave (OTC Pink:EHVVF)

This firm specializes in data solutions for the health space. Ehave is a digital therapeutics firm with a home delivery platform for patients prescribed with ketamine infusions.

Ehave has moved forward with digital solution opportunities for the development of the psychedelics industry, as detailed in a recent shareholder letter.

Empower Clinics (CSE:CBDT)

This company operates as a healthcare firm involved in various aspects of medical care for patients through clinical and digital solutions.

Empower Clinics got access to the psychedelics space by way of a subsidiary launched to investigate the use of psilocybin for anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction.

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Field Trip Health (CSE:FTRP)

Field Trip Health is trying to encompass the entire new age psychedelics experience. Its primary business is the development of its clinic network across North America. The company opened its first ketamine clinic in Toronto while expanding into the US market via locations in New York and Los Angeles.

In addition to the clinics, Field Trip holds separate divisions, including one that is looking into the research aspect of psychedelic compounds. The company also launched an official app to accompany its treatments, offering patients activities like meditation techniques to go alongside the psychedelics.

Global Trac Solutions (OTC Pink:PSYC)

This digital media company has dedicated itself to the psychedelics space through its website Psychedelic Spotlight, where it showcases some of the most recent developments for the psychedelics industry.

Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC)

After embarking on a search for alternative business models to incorporate and support its blockchain technology, Graph Blockchain determined it would acquire Shroom Street in a deal worth C$1 million.

The company plans to pair its technology with an upcoming ecommerce platform for its psychedelic business purchase, set to launch at the end of 2020 for online sales in legal jurisdictions.

Havn Life Sciences (CSE:HAVN)

Havn Life Sciences is a newcomer to the psychedelics industry, boasting an impressive lineup of advisors from the Canadian cannabis space. Among these is Vic Neufeld, who used to run Aphria (NASDAQ:APHA,TSX:APHA). Rick Brar, former CEO of Zenabis Global (TSX:ZENA), is another ex-cannabis executive who is on the roster advising the company.

The company holds a Section 56 exemption from Health Canada, meaning it can research and develop psilocybin for scientific use. Havn sells itself to investors as a company investigating psychoactive compounds to develop natural health products.

Hollister Biosciences (CSE:HOLL,OTC Pink:HSTRF)

As a way to pursue exposure to the psychedelic arena, this cannabis player confirmed an acquisition deal worth C$1.2 million for AlphaMind Brands, which, according to the public company, will develop a “portfolio of certified legal mushroom-based natural health products.”

Carl Saling, founder and CEO of Hollister, has called the acquisition a promising opportunity that could complement its cannabis brand business.

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This Vancouver-based company has a focus on the development of products and technologies in the emerging psychedelics industry based on high-end medical research.

The company’s current flagship study is a collaboration with the University of Miami. The preclinical study is investigating the treatment of mild traumatic brain injuries/concussions with post-traumatic stress disorder with psilocybin and N-Acetylcysteine.

Mind Cure Health brings together a variety of medical expertise to pursue the advancement of psychedelics as an active mental health treatment option for patients.

As part of its business, the company wants to develop products with the ability to help enhance mental health and wellness. In addition to its research efforts, it offers a variety of consumer products based on organic mushroom nootropics.

Mind Medicine (MindMed) (NEO:MMED,OTCQB:MMEDF)

MindMed became the first psychedelics firm to make its public debut on Toronto’s NEO Exchange in 2020, earning the attention of investors as part of the new crop of psychedelics stocks to watch.

The company is investigating the use of its 18-MC psychedelic drug candidate as an aid for battling opioid dependency. MindMed has earned the attention of investors thanks to two of its most significant backers: former Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC,TSX:WEED) CEO Bruce Linton and notorious Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary.

Mydecine Innovations Group (CSE:MYCO)

Formerly known as NewLeaf Brands, Mydecine Innovations Group is advancing new medicine methods, including natural health products. The previous entity acquired Colorado-based Mydecine Group for C$1.2 million. The fungi acquisition was led by Robert Roscow, who served as the director of research with Ebbu, a cannabinoid research company bought by Canadian giant Canopy Growth.

The company holds a portfolio dedicated to the development of its psychedelics business, with three ventures so far: Mydecine Health Sciences, Mindleap Health and NeuroPharm.

New Wave Holdings (CSE:SPOR)

Investment firm New Wave Holdings offers shareholders an advanced strategy into three segments of the psychedelics space: a recreational product line, a passive cosmetic lineup and the possibility for further high-end medical research-grade items.

New Wave touts a production presence in Jamaica as the core of its psychedelics-based business.

NeonMind Biosciences (CSE:NEON)

NeonMind Biosciences is a company working with psychedelic compounds for the development of legal products. The company has set a target of treating obesity and related illnesses through its psychedelic products in a preclinical trial.

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Nova Mentis Life Science (CSE:NOVA,OTC Pink:LIBFF)

Formerly known as cannabis operator Liberty Leaf Holdings, this medical company is exploring the medical benefits of psilocybin. The company has taken steps to solidify its drug development program and holds two subsidiaries: NovaMentis Biotech and Pilz BioScience.

Numinus pitches itself to investors as a healthcare firm exploring the compelling new segments of available health treatments to patients. Thanks to specific licensing, the company is capable of operating in the cannabis and psychedelics industries.

Through its Numinus Wellness division, the public company can research the development of psychedelic therapies for treatments related to physical, mental and emotional health.

This primarily cannabis operation acquired an entry into the psychedelics business when it purchased an entity named Psychedelic Science.

The psychedelics division is researching psychedelic cacti strains in the treatment of weight loss, insomnia, anxiety and pain.

Pharmadrug (CSE:BUZZ)

Pharmadrug is an international medical company focused on its presence in the European market, thanks to an ownership stake in Pharmadrug GmbH, a German medical cannabis distributor.

The company has gained psychedelics exposure thanks to the key acquisition of Super Smart, a Netherlands-based retailer looking into the legal availability of magic mushrooms in the country.

PharmaTher (CSE:PHRM,OTC Pink:PHRRF)

This company plans to focus on ketamine as its psychedelic drug of choice for research potential. PharmaTher wants to develop new treatments for Parkinson’s disease, depression and general pain.

Psyched Wellness (CSE:PSYC,OTCQB:DCNPF)

Psyched Wellness is a health supplements company looking to offer extracted natural oil products.

Besides its product offerings, the company is engaged in various research efforts to look at the medical uses of its products.

This firm is focused on a business model of producing and distributing legally sanctioned recreational psilocybin truffles in the Netherlands. The public listing represents a business evolution for the firm as it pursues higher-stakes capital from the market, Chairman and CEO Todd Shapiro said in a statement.

This firm has financial backing from publicly traded investment firm Codebase Ventures.

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Revive Therapeutics bought its way into the promising psychedelic space thanks to a C$2.75 million acquisition agreement with Psilocin Pharma, which has successfully developed unique product formulations for the psilocybin agent.

In the wake of the acquisition deal being announced, Michael Frank, CEO of the public firm, said the deal would add to his company’s “clinical initiatives in liver disease and inflammation.”

Roadman Investments (TSXV:LITT)

In early 2020, this venture capital investment firm confirmed an entry into the new space with a joint venture alongside Psychedelic Insights.

The public firm committed to a US$500,000 injection to kickstart an operation agenda for the joint venture. The goal of this partnership is to create a line of clinics capable of offering guided therapies utilizing the much-promoted psilocybin.

Seelos Therapeutics (NASDAQ:SEEL)

This conventional biopharmaceutical company earned a spot on this list thanks to its validating research involving ketamine therapies.

In 2019, the company was awarded fast-track designation from the FDA for SLS-002, a therapy for acute suicidal ideation and behavior in patients with major depressive disorder.


This company is focused on the biopharmaceutical development process for psilocybin and other psychedelic compounds.

Silo Pharma has indicated it plans to follow an established drug development model, including the possibility of utilizing FDA designations meant to help the process for psychedelic drugs.

Formerly known as MOTA Ventures, Thoughtful Brands has developed an ecommerce platform for hemp-derived cannabidiol products in the US and Europe. Now the company plans to expand its operations in Europe to explore the potential of psychedelic treatments.

The public firm brought in privately held Verrian, which owns a manufacturing facility in Germany. The goal is for this facility to become a psychedelics research hub for psilocybin mushroom therapies against opioid addiction.

Tryp Therapeutics (CSE:TRYP)

This medical company is engaged in the medical investigation of psychedelic compounds for the treatment of rare diseases or conditions with unmet medical treatment.

Tryp Therapeutics is currently researching the use of psilocybin in the treatment of fibromyalgia through its TRP-8802 drug candidate, among other studies with psilocybin.

Future psychedelics stocks to watch

Investors on the lookout for the most intriguing opportunities in the public space are definitely getting a taste of another early-stage growth segment with the attention the psychedelic market is getting. When it comes to which psychedelics stocks to watch, it’s clear a growing list of names will become available as interest in the space continues to increase.

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